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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why I'm not ready for the warm weather...

Today was one of the first warm days of the season. I guess, I should be grateful because we had the worst winter ever or the Coldest Winter Ever but I'm not! Anywho, I wish it was that easy for me to welcome the warm weather with open arms but I have some reservations.  Here are the reasons the warm weather can wait...

1. Nakedness: Today  I witnessed  women completely stripped of clothes. ( The high was just 60 degrees)  All women, Black.White. Asian.  Visions of Cropped tops, midriffs, boobs you name it. I know it has been a rough winter but let's take it easy. It is not quite summer, so tread lightly.

2. Now You See Me: Now that the sun is out so are the creepers. Dude, I've been walking down this street for the last few months and you and I have never crossed paths. Please don't attempt to show out now, under this here warm weather because I'm not interested.

3. Conversations get louder: For some reason, people think I care to hear " I'm going on a luxury yacht" or " I never checked his phone until the number came up wifey" nah. I'm not interested. And honestly you shouldn't be either.  Do something like enjoy the sunshine in silence.  beat it.

4. Teens: I work with them, I have one of my own but once the weather is warm you can't escape them. They are everywhere. They are in the store, on the corners, on the bus , getting a coffee...Everywhere. What worries me is that they aren't always in school. It's not quite summer yet so get your ASS to Class!

5. Rachetness and debauchery :  ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Disclaimer: I love the sunshine but I also like peace.

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