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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Why I'm not ready for the warm weather...

Today was one of the first warm days of the season. I guess, I should be grateful because we had the worst winter ever or the Coldest Winter Ever but I'm not! Anywho, I wish it was that easy for me to welcome the warm weather with open arms but I have some reservations.  Here are the reasons the warm weather can wait...

1. Nakedness: Today  I witnessed  women completely stripped of clothes. ( The high was just 60 degrees)  All women, Black.White. Asian.  Visions of Cropped tops, midriffs, boobs you name it. I know it has been a rough winter but let's take it easy. It is not quite summer, so tread lightly.

2. Now You See Me: Now that the sun is out so are the creepers. Dude, I've been walking down this street for the last few months and you and I have never crossed paths. Please don't attempt to show out now, under this here warm weather because I'm not interested.

3. Conversations get louder: For some reason, people think I care to hear " I'm going on a luxury yacht" or " I never checked his phone until the number came up wifey" nah. I'm not interested. And honestly you shouldn't be either.  Do something like enjoy the sunshine in silence.  beat it.

4. Teens: I work with them, I have one of my own but once the weather is warm you can't escape them. They are everywhere. They are in the store, on the corners, on the bus , getting a coffee...Everywhere. What worries me is that they aren't always in school. It's not quite summer yet so get your ASS to Class!

5. Rachetness and debauchery :  ughhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Disclaimer: I love the sunshine but I also like peace.

Monday, May 10, 2010

More obsession...

Take a look at these prints, Dresses and models.....  Find them at

Friday, April 16, 2010

Black Love, Self esteem and other rants:)

Over Ethiopian food the other night my girlfriends and I had a conversation about relationships. At first the conversation circled around the norm. Sex, feelings and marriage. As we conversed I noticed  my friends were  clear and concise about the men they were looking for, their expectations and what they would and would not tolerate.  (Did I mention that my friends were white) Well being the only sister in the Ethiopian restaurant. (Beside the owners) I became overwhelmed with all these recent thoughts on the state of black women today.
Everywhere I look now days sisters are painted as some modern day old maid. We are being told that our ambitions and careers are the reasons we can't find martial bliss.  That we most forgo our self-esteem and drive just to attain a ring. Well to that I say "I'll pass". Well, let's not be too hasty,   There are other options. We can simply date outside our race, to this I  also  "pass". 
But why should we?
I love black men. (Too much some may say)I adore them. They wreak of strength, power and intelligence. Their bodies  seem to beat like a African drum when they walk pass, summoning one to join. However some  refuse to own it.
Their confidence seems cocky and contrived.(Rooted in this hip-hop culture) instead of regal and strong.  Their strength seems diminished by a cloud  they have allowed to follow them.
 So, instead of why aren't successful black women married? the question becomes ...what has happen to the Black man's self-esteem? While black women have found theirs, black men seem to have lost some. One could argue this is the reason black love has become extinct.
"Black girls are ruining black boys" a friend told me." How so?" I asked to no response.  Some brothers argue that it starts with single black mother's raising boys alone. That is definite a point. But is it a  point that only black women need to consider? Yeah,yeah, yeah...we ran you off with our demands and constant badgering. But have you ever considered where that badgering comes from?  I say the heart! What black men don't understand about black women is we are their biggest advocate. Advocates that help to get things going. Shit, once its going we all enjoy the ride. (Don't we!!!) This may be hard to believe but we too want exactly what you want.   But to you its just nagging and an obvious a reason to give up:(
 Now don't get me wrong, some women complain about great black men. But I believe those women also struggle with self esteem.  Sadly, those are the women black men choose. 
I was that woman once. (The one with low self esteem) I allowed myself to be dragged through a relationship full of turmoil and low expectations.  Until one day, I emerged from the fire and started to believe in myself.  The relationship ended that day.  I can't blame the relationship because I allowed it I blame me!  I allowed my self esteem to be taken away. But guess what? Since then it hasn't happened again.  That man lacked self esteem but he never tried to find it. He was beaten and tired and just stopped trying. This is something that I see in my community everyday. 
 So where do we go from here? Honestly, I don't know. Mothers of young black boys have the power to start anew. Insuring that black boys/ men love themselves in a genuine way. Knowing who they are and believing it everyday. *sidenote, this doesn't come through coddling and lack of responsibility*  However, all I can say to black men is believe, believe, believe!!!!! Because we do:)

P.S  I took that picture of that lovely black couple married 50 years and still going strong. They go to the theater every Tuesday.
Stay fly!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010


This is a what I'm feeling post...
Well, anyone that knows me knows that I love anything African.
I love textiles, sculpture, animals , paintings and of course the people. It seems as if the fashion world has also moved toward all things african. 
One show in particular  
Suno really represented.

Some of these pics are from their summer 2010 collection..Beautiful 

And now this picture by NatalieBessell on  >>> Really speaks to me! 150.00 USD

Stay fly!!!!

Monday, February 22, 2010

To thine own self be true!!!

I love fashion and whatever that means. I guess that means I love clothes and their ability to aid in a persons reinvention.  However, real fashion is not for the faint of heart. I find it interesting when I  hear people throw around the words "fashionista" or "stylish."  Well, I believe that those words are strictly for the risk takers, the originators...those of us that would rather create the trend as oppose to following it!
   A true fashionista is not afraid to make mistakes, not afraid to stand out and definitely not afraid to turn heads (be it good or bad).
So as I sat and pondered these ideas of " fashionista and stylish" My brain led me to the depth and breadth of one WOMAN that epitomizes it all.  THE androgynous Grace JONES!  I love Grace jones! When I was a child  I was intimidated by her power and her beauty ( I blame Disney and all the lily white princesses) but as I grew older I recognized the Grace Jones in me! Grace Jones is proud of the texture of her hair, complexion, heritage and carried herself accordingly (FIERCENESS AT ITS BEST)  Check her out in Eddie murphy's boomerang (LOVE IT) Grace Jones is no holds barred. She is tell it like it is. She's outspoken without speaking, She simply dares a Muthafucka to TEST Her!

I am Grace Jones and I embrace that whole heartedly.

French Vogue paid homage to Grace Jones in their December 2009 issue .After viewing the  pictures, I cried ( No! I wasn't crying over the clothes that I have yet to afford.) But I wept because I pray that other young black women reading the magazine will see and identify the beauty of GRACE and embrace her as I have.  Grace Jones loved herself and so should you!